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Now that we have our “third place,” our place that is not work and not home, our abundance of cafes for hanging out, reading, journaling and chatting, we are meeting up on our laptops in a virtual “third place” – Facebook.

Just as the cafe is a place to be private in public, so Facebook is a place where we choose to disclose just so much. And we need this level of disclosure. Perhaps when we lived in the village, we’d have this level of sharing when we pounded our laundry on rocks at the river. Now that we each have our own home laundry facilities, we are lonely. Facebook, like the cafe, relieves that loneliness a bit. (more…)

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Seventy million records sold. One of the world’s 50 most beautiful people. Yet he is not Pavarotti, and critics dismiss him.

He gave me Ave Maria yesterday, while I drove north on I-25, the lights of Santa Fe behind me as I scaled Glorieta Pass. The late afternoon winter light emitted a burst of gold before lavender dusk settled over the snowy landscape. (more…)

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“Give me an English village with six families,” is one of my favorite quotes attributed to English novelist Jane Austen. I put it on a sticky on my computer when I moved from Albuquerque to a small town in northeast New Mexico on the Colorado border a year ago. As a published first novelist who aspires to a second, this thought provided me with hope and inspiration. All I needed to produce fiction would be the dynamics and characters I found in the post office, at the cafe, the country club, the neighborhood. I would travel with my notebook everywhere, and life would translate itself onto the page and flow from my fingers to the keyboard. True? (more…)

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