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My interior GPS  places  the coordinates of my desk south of Old Glory; southeast of  Iridium Layer; parallel to red-tailed hawks’ thermal waltz; north of strutting stag; east of  Santa Fe Trail; west of red neon Raton sign, and southwest of red, white and blue electric star. (more…)

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A Poem about Aging

You Will Know the Time

copyright 2010 Sharon Niederman

You know you are getting old when
You trip on a sidewalk crack
Walk head down, afraid to fall again
Ache when you get out of bed
Drive with one arm on the wheel
Protecting your injury
You find the medium’s vision impossible
Too late now to move to the coast
Become an Olympic figure skater
Believe your forgiveness has healing power
There is no starting over
You stand at the vegetable counter
Debating the merits of baby spinach versus swiss chard
Out loud, for all to hear
Your ghosts stroll Central Avenue, coffee cups in hand
Homeless women you’ve handed so many dollars
Lovers whose love-making you’ve forgotten
But whose broken children you still carry
The seller of enlightenment recognizes you
You pretend to know him
Perhaps you do, after all.

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All are invited to: Tales They Told: New Mexico Women’s Journals, 10 am, Saturday, March 6, 2010 at the Old Pass Gallery, 145 So. First St., Raton – for what I promise will be a morning of intriguing storytelling; getting to know some of the most interesting characters you never learned about in school (the ladies who made New Mexico history); and wonderful discussions about the ways their guts and gumption speak to us today. (more…)

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