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Two Stairways

A 1906 house surely must harbor a ghost or two

Surely these walls have seen enough death and sorrow to yield

A scream from the attic, a slammed door

The unexplained knock, the flickering candle,

The scent of roses in the parlor

None of these signs yet, though I have lain awake, uneasy

Many nights. Thrown off  blankets, wrapped myself in silk

Tiptoed down the hall, then, at the landing

A decision:

The carpeted staircase for madame’s grand entry, or

The narrow back stairway, leading to the kitchen?

Both mistress and maid of this house, I meet myself when

Stars vanish and moonlit clouds of August puzzle the sky,

Fans whirl, dogs turn and sigh, leaves consider their end

Reminding me that, for this brief time, I share this shelter with

Those spirits who have come before, and those bound to follow.
Sharon Niederman@2010

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Sammie-Samantha Adores Summer

Watch for my new website, coming soon!

I plan to blog all about my thoughts and dreams.

Meantime, be sure to play some today.

See you at Lake Maloya!

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Buckley loves to look out of the sun roof on the way to Sugarite Canyon State Park for some hiking, swimming and fishing.

Buckley says: “Let’s all have a great summer!”

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Border Journey

Stopped beside a descanso
Her picture on the cross, smiling, so young
Police search two men
Sunday afternoon scorched white heat
Military convoy slinks south
Radar colossus towers ten stories high
Plllar of smoke stalks Jornada del Muerto
My people, too, followed a pillar of smoke
Through the desert forty years
I’ve heard the  storm warning, three times:
Take shelter immediately
Lightning splits the sky ahead with fire
Last night I sang with the holy mariachis
At the shrine of Guadalupe in Santa Fe
I will drive through this storm, this hail, this wind
And tonight I will sleep on the border.
Sharon Niederman @ 2010 (more…)

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My first memory of being moved by Judaism was not sitting in the upstairs gallery with my grandmother and the other lipsticked, perfumed ladies in their hats and good suits, though it is one of my earliest memories.

Rather, I remember standing close to my grandfather as he davened among the men. He held his tallit over his head and mine like a shelter one Yom Kippur. Bowing, bending, chanting over open prayer book, sending a rising, resonant hum to Heaven, he created what I would many years later come to know as “sacred space.”  (more…)

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Calling all miners, ranchers, railroaders, educators, artists, history buffs and those who care about celebrating the history of Raton during the upcoming New Mexico Centennial. A community committee to plan and coordinate events and activities is needed. If you have ideas and interest in participating, or know someone who might, please sign up at the Shuler Theater to be notified of the next meeting, or call 445-2243.

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