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Temple Aaron commemorated at meeting – Oct. 26, 2010
By Steve Block
Staff Writer, The Times Independent, Trinidad, Colorado

The long and storied history of Trinidad’s Temple Aaron synagogue was the subject of a presentation at the 25th annual meeting of the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society in Las Vegas, N.M. Saturday.
Sharon Niederman, a Raton-based author and historian, presented a montage of the temple, its people and the role it has played in the history of the region. The meeting was held at the Plaza Hotel in collaboration with the Board of the Texas Jewish Historical Society. Niederman’s address was part of three days of faith-based education, music and other festivities at the meeting. She talked about the early German-Jewish settlers in the region, who became a key part of the business, social and political scene during the years of its early development. (more…)

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DIY: A Refreshing Point of View from a UNM Student

1. Please introduce yourself – we like detail.
Hi Sharon! My name is Isabel, and I’m currently a student at UNM, majoring in religious studies and minoring in anthropology. I’m also involved in Santa Fe Community College’s woodworking program. My scholastic history is a torrid one, and UNM is actually the fourth college I’ve attended.
I spent my freshman year at Antioch College (which was also the last year that Antioch was operational) and I still define myself as an Antiochian. Antioch was a pretty wild place to be, but the school’s motto “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity” by Horace Mann, was pretty much taken to heart by everyone who went there, even if it was in some secret, small way.
2. What are the most powerful ideas, ways of being, you have received from your growing up? (more…)

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