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Signs & Shrines: Spiritual Journeys Across New Mexico
Text and Photos by Sharon Niederman – Forthcoming from The Countryman Press, 2012

SIGNS & SHRINES: SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS ACROSS NEW MEXICO takes the reader along  the ancient pilgrimage trails that crisscross this enchanted state where a rich multiplicity of cultures continues to thrive. The mysteries of sacred sites, natural wonders, power spots, feast days and festivals are explained by one of the state’s most prolific and knowledgable authors, and the book is illustrated with soulful images from her travels.  In addition to providing  cultural context that answers visitors’ questions about the history and practices found only in New Mexico, the author provides clear directions, maps and guidance on the best places to stay, dine, shop and recreate. SIGNS & SHRINES  is an innovative guide that will enrich the experience not only of spiritual seekers but of every visitor drawn to experience the marvelous Land of Enchantment.

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Put on your love dress

take off your other garments

the ones that cost you most.

Wear your heart out.

Become a transvestite

for love. Dress as a heart.

Establish a municipality

with eyes you meet on the street.

Enter the election for darling.

Let kindness reign.  Put on

no airs. Be plain as feet

which can also carry you away

along the love highway.

Hello. What is your name?

I have forgotten it again. Remind me.     JSL 2.13.11

Love Fest:   Friday, February 18, 7:00-9:00 Center for Spritual Living, Santa Fe, w/ Mirabai Daniels this will be an evening of music, story, and poetry with Mirabai, Michael Kott, and Joan Logghe….divine cello, poetry of Rumi, Kabir, and yours truly.

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