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Two Stairways

A 1906 house surely must harbor a ghost or two

Surely these walls have seen enough death and sorrow to yield

A scream from the attic, a slammed door

The unexplained knock, the flickering candle,

The scent of roses in the parlor

None of these signs yet, though I have lain awake, uneasy

Many nights. Thrown off  blankets, wrapped myself in silk

Tiptoed down the hall, then, at the landing

A decision:

The carpeted staircase for madame’s grand entry, or

The narrow back stairway, leading to the kitchen?

Both mistress and maid of this house, I meet myself when

Stars vanish and moonlit clouds of August puzzle the sky,

Fans whirl, dogs turn and sigh, leaves consider their end

Reminding me that, for this brief time, I share this shelter with

Those spirits who have come before, and those bound to follow.
Sharon Niederman@2010

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