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March 22, 2012





    Kathleen Anderson Knox, Executive Director of the Taos School of Music, announced today the names of the nineteen students selected through a highly competitive national audition process to participate in the 2012 summer season.

“We couldn’t be more pleased and excited about welcoming this special group of fine young chamber musicians to refine their performance skills at Taos Ski Valley this summer,” said Anderson Knox. “We’ve got a significant nation-wide representation, from the New England Conservatory, as well as graduates of Julliard, Curtis Institute of Music, Cleveland Institute of Music, Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles, San Franscisco Music Conservatory, and University of Michigan School of Music.”

Taos School of Music, one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious summer music programs, this year celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special concert series, Opus 50. As is customary, this group, ranging in age from 18 to 27, includes two pianists, five cellists, four violists, and eight violinists. They will receive instruction from some of the world’s leading chamber musicians, including Michael Tree, founding member of the Guarneri String Quartet.

For information on Opus 50 as well as Young Artist concerts to be performed at the Hotel St. Bernard in Taos Ski Valley and at Taos Community Auditorium  during June-August,  please go to http://taosschoolofmusic.com/.




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The Mesa

We would never wear shoes because/we didn’t want to lose the feeling of the earth on our soles/over gravel, mud, and potholes we would let/the spaces between our toes record the joys of our journeys.

We ran, floating on calloused cushions over reddish rocks,/leaping chamisos like the jackrabbits we saw,/escaping the big kids, at whom we threw dirt clods/stopping only to turn around and let another one sail,/and scatter,/and return home among the ground,/ or the filthy shirts of our victims

We learned the barbed wire scrapes stung less/than the first time our air rifles found birds./We learned to climb no trespassing signs/ before we learned to read the words. (more…)

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Big Wow at Taos Powwow

Triumphant drumming, singing, fancy dancing and the best frybread ever made for an exhilarating 2010 Powwow at Taos this weekend. Outfitted in splendid finery, dancers  of all ages with grace, dignity and incredible energy competed for prizes beneath sacred Taos Mountain as blessings of rain showers and pieces of rainbow awed the crowd. Locals, tourists and visiting Native families celebrated together as solemn and moving tributes were made to warriors, veterans and those who fought for the return of the sacred Blue Lake to the people of Taos Pueblo. Long live the spirit of powwow that keeps memory, tradition and friendships between cultures alive.

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